Tavern 24: Taken By Surprise


If you ask me, a standard burger is one of those things that some may think throwing it on a grill and cooking it is making a good burger. It is one of those things that’s on every menu wherever you go. You stop in a high end fancy steak house and would most likely find their variation of a cheeseburger made of Kobe beef. You go to your local mom-and-pop café and see one on the menu, or you stop at a conglomerate chain restaurant and they give you 25 versions of the beef patty slapped on a bun. More or less, your burger experience isn’t anything spectacular. It’s standard. Once in a very while one will come along that will take you by surprise.

Fast forward to our visit to Tavern 24, my wife and I stopped in on a Tuesday night which also happened to be karaoke night. I’m not much of a singer, so I only planned to do some eating that night. We had been there before many times but Tavern 24 had recently upgraded their menu. There were still a few of the original dishes I would order, but tonight was a burger night for me and there was a burger on the menu I was seeing for the first time.

The concoction they call the 24/7 burger was something worth trying. It consisted of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, bacon, lettuce, mayo, two fried green tomatoes, and a fried egg. I mean seriously.  How to you read this and not go for it?! I love burgers, I love fried green tomatoes, and hey, why not top it all off with an egg?

I was feeling extra hungry that night so I most certainly opted in for appetizers, so we ordered the skillet meatballs. Handmade, seasoned meatballs served in marinara and topped with shaved Parmesan and fresh parsley. These came out on a cast iron skillet soaked in tomato sauce, and looking all sorts of delicious. I boldly say that these would make any Italian happy.


Arlene ordered the citrus chicken, which consisted of two citrus-marinated, grilled chicken breasts served over roasted tomato orzo with roasted zucchini. I had a little taste, but wanted to save every bit of room I had in me for that burger. Arlene’s dish would be an excellent choice if you are looking to be a little healthy, but mine? Throw it all out the window.

I must say, Tavern 24 does not skimp when it comes to the size of their burgers because the beef patty alone was big! Now top that off with all the other goodies? Just look at the photos. I took one bite, than another. It was when I consumed every bit of that concoction that I can honestly say that since I have lived in North Carolina, I have not had a burger as delicious as that. In layman’s terms, it was the best burger I ever had living in NC, and I have had a lot. Just saying. I had a chance to meet the head chef and compliment him on the burger. He had told me that they were very proud of that burger and that it was a favorite. That night, I had seen several others order the same thing.

To top everything off, Arlene and I ordered the brownie Sundae. This is a chocolate lovers dream as well as a fan of the warm gooey desert. The perfect delight, just the right size and absolutely delicious. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind popping in one night for a beer and this desert to end my night.


Well Tavern 24, I would be damn proud of that burger. I know this burger will be revisited in a future article, and I know Arlene and I will be revisiting tavern 24 real soon. The food is great, the service is great, and with every visit we have had, we have left pleased with both. Tavern 24 is definitely a win!

Fun fact: Tavern 24 is called Tavern 24 because they have 24 beers on tap! I honestly couldn’t put 2 and 2 together…but who’s keeping count?

Tavern 24
421 Cox Road
Gastonia, NC 28054
(704) 864-0688


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  1. India Martin says:

    Hi Damion, thanks so much for writing a review of Tavern 24. I am the marketing manager for the restaurant, and I’d love to send you guys a thank you and discuss ways we could partner in the future. Please reach out to me at imartin@cafeent.com to continue the conversation. Thanks!


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