“Plan A” Brunch at Plan B Burger Bar

The microchain’s Fairfield location unveils a boozy brunch, and a killer waffles dish.

If I’m being honest, Plan B Burger Bar hasn’t always been my favorite. Twice it was excellent, and one of those times, they had a special meatball parm burger that was off the charts! The other two times, one was just OK. The other? Well, some of you might remember that post on Plan B Stamford. We won’t relive that one. The word I’m looking for here is “inconsistent.” The positive in all this? The bad times were at the beginning of their Fairfield County emergence, and the two good times were more recent. I like improvement, and even if things are a little rocky in the beginning, I’ll give you multiple chances! Also, I LOVE BRUNCH! That is what we’re here to talk about after all, but you had to know the backstory when it comes to Plan B and me.

Plan B’s brunch is—at the time of this review, anyway—a fairly new addition, and it’s only offered at select locations for now; in CT (Fairfield, Glastonbury, and Milford), D.C., and in Ashbury, Virginia.

On a sunny, and warm, summer morning, the Fairfield Plan B and its marketing team hosted a casual blogger’s brunch on the restaurant’s spacious outdoor patio. The al fresco dining is cool, but I made sure to peek inside, and found it to be reminiscent of other Plan B locations, complete with an industrial theme, and neon lights flashing “MEAT,” then blacking out the “M” to spell “EAT.” The building itself is damn cool, and looks different from their other locations, as it’s housed in a completely bricked former post office.

Modern Screwdriver > regular old screwdriver
Beer cocktails are a very good thing. You can have the Goose Island Sofie as is, but there’s an option to add fresh fruit juice for $1 more. This version takes the spicy, citrusy Sofie, a saison, and combines it with fresh squeezed OJ, for a refreshing take on a shandy.

The neon sign was right, and I didn’t need it to tell me to “EAT,” I woke up starving that day, and in desperate need of an alcoholic beverage. Normally, I would jump all over Plan B’s epic beer selections, and while that’s always a good choice, I opted to finally try a cocktail. Plus, it was 85 degrees outside, so a light brunch cocktail was the way to go. I chose correctly right from the jump, with the refreshing, pleasantly sweet Modern Screwdriver (Tito’s, Aperol, fresh blood orange juice, rosemary, and a Sprite float). Other daytime beverages range from bottomless mimosas and bourbon sours ($15 for each option), a Salty Dog made with fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and homemade thyme infused syrup, and a Kentucky Coffee served with bourbon and whipped cream. I quickly moved onto my usual spirit of choice, bourbon, in a sweet, but equally strong, Benjamin Button (Buffalo Trace, lemon juice, orange blossom honey).

During brunch hours, Plan B offers some of its regular menu up too, including eight burgers, three salads, and a handful of shareable apps. I won’t tell you how to order, but if you’re there for brunch, get brunch. You can go back any time for the other stuff. Among the brunch items, you’ll find what sounds like an excellent hangover cure in breakfast tots covered in cheddar-jack, bacon, scallions, gravy, and a fried egg. There are also more breakfasty choices like Eggs Benedict, one served with sausage and a side of andouille hash, and another version with smoked salmon that’s served pretty classic. There’s also bourbon-soaked French toast, customizable omelets, and big protein dishes like a mustard-coriander dusted salmon filet, or steak & eggs.

Damn straight, we’re burger boys!
When I arrived, this hot chicken biscuit with a side of home fries was already on the table. Easily a big winner, and one of my favorites of the entire brunch. The biscuit was flaky and buttery, not at all dry, and the chicken–while I could’ve handled more heat–was spicy enough, and tender. Would absolutely order this again!

For all that stuff listed above, I’ll go back for! I needed something in sandwich form. I quickly ordered up a Breakfast Burger, topped with bacon, cheddar, a fried and slightly runny egg, and a sweet/spiced maple aioli, served on a buttery croissant bun. It was a solid burger overall, even if overcooked despite my mid-rare specification, but still juicy because Plan B does use quality meat. I really liked the creative choice of a croissant bun, that held up throughout the devouring process.


Something I truly loved, is when my brunch guest decided to order Waffles Bananas Foster (brûléed bananas, chopped bacon & pecans, bourbon caramel, whipped cream). We’ve got a winner here! Crispy, light waffles, and lots of salty and sweet balance. At first glance, I was worried they’d be overly sweet, but I was wrong! I immediately inquired and Plan B says they try to lighten up the sugar used in the waffle mix so you can tolerate the dish. If waffles are your thing, you’ll love this!

If you’re around on Sundays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., give Plan B’s brunch a shot! I’ve been harsh on them in the past, but really enjoyed the grub this time around, and the past few times when I stopped in their other locations for a burger and a beer. I’m glad we gave each other another chance 🙂


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