Bee a “Keeper” for a Day

Suit up! Red Bee’s Honey Harvest provides hands-on apiary experience.


Back in the suit!

The weather is getting warmer! Well, one can hope, this is Connecticut. Anyway, that means our friends at Red Bee Honey will eventually post dates for their fun, and very hands-on, honey harvest. Last year, I was invited to Red Bee, along with a bunch of CT bloggers where we got to chat with founder/bee keeper extraordinaire Marina Marchese, learn about what they do on the “farm,” and indulge in a honey tasting. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE, where’ you’ll find a bunch of info on Marina, Red Bee, and some cool honey facts. Seriously, read it.

On that day, it ended up being unseasonably hot and humid, and despite putting on a bee keepers suit, the honey bees were angry that day, my friends, so opening a hive was out of the question. Marina noticed my enthusiasm for getting up close and personal with the bees, and was kind enough to invite me back some weeks later to help them out while they had a group present. The honey harvest not only provided the aforementioned honey tasting, but I got to suit up again—along with a few other brave souls—and got to pry open the hive and lift out some beautiful honey combs, and later we ended up hot ironing, and pressing the combs to crank out high quality, amber-colored local honey. Cool, right?

Check out the photos below, and check Red Bee’s event page ( and Facebook page for updates on honey tastings and other sweet happenings 😊

I pried this bad boy out of the hive, but for photo purposes, and for a little show-and-tell, I passed it off to another willing participant.
Get some!



People come from all over to visit Red Bee, some from multiple hours away, and some are involved in bee keeping themselves.
A picture perfect tasting follows the harvesting of honey

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